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Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS is decision you have to make for your mobile phone needs. Each operating system provides its benefits and drawbacks but it ultimately depends on your or your company’s needs for your mobile devices.

Operating Systems

One of the most obvious benefits to opting for Android over iOS and the iPhone or iPad is that Android offers infinitely more choices in terms of what hardware you can acquire. The Android community is immense, with gadgets to suit each taste and budget. For those that need a best-in-class premium lead, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best gadget available, while mid-range contributions guarantee solid performance without blowing your budget.

Then again, while Apple does not have the tremendous scope of devices that the Android family has when it comes to smartphones and tablets, there’s a reasonable spread of choices. Between the customary, Plus and SE variations, the iPhone covers basically every size you could need, as do the different styles from the iPad family.

However, it’s basically difficult to beat Android’s massive inventory of smartphones and tablets. Apple may offer a complimenting range, but iOS is still altogether more prohibitive than Android as far as equipment and development.




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