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Fix Your Cracked Screen at Home

Oh no!!!! You dropped your phone and have cracked the screen. Now, I’m not talking about a smashed screen with broken glass that causes your fingers to bleed when you try to take a selfie or ‘Insta’ your arugula salad topped with onion rings and 4 gallons of ranch dressing. But if you have a small crack or slight imperfection on your display screen, you might not have to rush out to the shop and drop upwards of $200 to fix your display just yet.

If you’re extra tech savvy and have $100, you could always go on eBay or Amazon and search for a “repair kit” and the name of your phone. Then again, if you’re the type of person who feels comfortable removing your own display and adhering a new one, you probably aren’t reading this blog to begin with.

If you are like the normal smartphone user, you probably would prefer to find a method which is a lot less involved and costly. You’re in luck today! Here are a few DIY methods you can try at home to get some extra life out of that once flawless and necessary Tweet box you have in your pocket.

Give them a shot and see if they help you out.


Baking Soda

Baking soda isn’t just for brushing your teeth or taking the stink out of your refrigerator anymore. Take a scoop out of that box you have hiding under your kitchen sink and make a paste from two parts baking soda and one part water. Take that paste and apply it liberally to the crack in your screen. Then just use a clean dry cloth to rub it in.


Vegetable Oil

No, we’re not making salad dressing or deep frying your favorite candy bar. This method will help to hide the problem but it won’t entirely fix it. Just take a small drop and dab it onto the scratch to hide it. You’re going to have to wait until it dries before you call your mother though. If the oil rubs off, you will need to reapply it.


Brushing twice a day or after every meal is great advice for oral hygiene and fresh breath. But did you know you could use that information to help fix or hide a small scratch in your screen? Just put a small amount of toothpaste on to a cotton swab and rub it on the scratch. Do your best to avoid any buttons, headphone ports or sensitive parts of your phone. Two out of three dentists recommend this method and don’t forget to floss…

… That’s just good advice for you, not so much for your phone.


A Plastic Bag

Cracking your screen is a lot like cracking your windshield. You want to get out ahead of it before the crack gets worse and starts to splinter out. The best way to prevent the situation from spreading is to go out and buy a screen protector to apply to it. But let’s be honest. If you had the $10 to buy a screen protector, you probably would’ve already gotten one and avoided the crack altogether, right?

Well, don’t go smashing any piggy banks or rifling through your couch cushions for some loose change just yet. If you’re like me, you probably have an overabundance of plastic grocery bags stuffed into a drawer somewhere. Just dig out the thinnest and most transparent bag you can find and wrap your phone tightly inside it. This will help to protect your screen from worsening and allow you to still ‘swipe right’ on your next online fling like a modern day digital Casanova.


Now let me caution you with this method. Take a piece of low grit sandpaper and in a circular motion, start sanding the affected area of your display. But beware, if you sand a little to vigorously, you might end up with no screen at all. However, you won’t have a crack in it anymore, will you?

None of these methods are complete fixes or permanent solutions. But if you were brave enough to try them out, feel free to use your newly improved pocket computer to leave a comment about how it worked for you.




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