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Google IO


Google IO – 2018


Google IO is here. There are big changes coming to Google in the upcoming year as you’ll see from their annual IO event. With the link below you can catch up on everything Google in under 20 minutes instead of spending all that time watching several hours of footage. This video will cover all of the important bullet-points you want to know about for the upcoming plans with Google and what that means for your mobile devices.

Google’s annual developer conference usually gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect from the company for the next several months. This year’s I/O opening keynote was no different as yesterday’s 2-hour event was jam-packed with AIAndroidaccessibility and more. You probably don’t have a couple hours to burn re-watching the whole thing, so we’ve distilled the important bits down to a 20-minute clip. When you take a break to grab a snack this morning, you can catch up on what you might’ve missed in a fraction of the time.

Watch the Google I/O in under 20 minutes




Source: Engadget




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