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Grade C Phones

Grade C phones are still perfectly usable. And, in some cases, buyers can save up to 50% compared to the cost of an equivalent new device.

When you’re shopping for used mobile phones, you may be concerned that a ‘low’ grading means that the phone won’t be worth buying. And if you’re buying wholesale, you might be tempted to stick to Grade A, B or Grade A Pristine.


Grade C Phones are Thoroughly Tested

Grade C is technically the ‘lowest’ grade of used mobile phone that we sell at Phoenix Cellular. But don’t be put off by that description.

Grade C used phones still represent excellent value, because:

  • The phone works – guaranteed
  • It’ll be unlocked when you receive it, and we’ll make sure iCloud locks and other similar security features are turned off
  • All phones have already been tested; we check at least 20 different features, and all of them need to work perfectly for the phone to get any grade
  • A Grade C phone won’t have any smashes or cracks
  • You benefit from a robust returns policy, which you don’t get with many used mobile phone wholesalers.

So in a way, there really isn’t that much difference in the way a Grade A Pristine phone works versus a Grade C phone. If functionality is your main concern, save your money and go for Grade C.

What About the Condition?

The difference between a Grade A and a Grade C phone is the external condition of the handset. Again, it’s important to stress that this doesn’t mean Grade C phones are broken, tatty, or unusable.

After you’ve had a phone for a while, it picks up surface marks. That’s what makes all of the difference: a Grade C phone will have more marks, and they will be more noticeable when you examine the handset.

We define Grade C phones as having “average wear and tear”. It’s very difficult to give an exact definition of what this means, because each phone is different. But you may see small marks on the back, sides, or bezel, and you may notice slight dulling or discolouration where the phone’s slightly scratched or chipped.

Often, these marks are more obvious around the corners, headphone port, and charging port, which tend to be more prone to wear and tear.

The screen may also have some scratches, but it’s important to note that these are cosmetic. Typically, screen scratches on a Grade C phone will be visible when the screen is off, but when it’s on, you probably won’t notice them.

You can prevent further fine marks to the screen by applying a good quality screen protector after purchase.



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