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How We Test Android Devices – Android Audit

Upon receiving your old smartphone or tablet, BuyBack Solutions begins a rigorous audit on every device to test Android devices. We do this to ensure that any sensitive data that may be stored on there is completely wiped, per our Data Destruction Policy. In addition to wiping all sensitive and confidential information, we fully test each device for functionality and inspect them for cosmetic or structural damage and imperfections.

The first thing we do to every device is perform a data reset, restoring the device to its original factory settings. We remove all SIM cards and SD cards and process them to be properly destroyed so no account information or personal data falls into the wrong hands.

From there we begin our inspection and testing process. If a removable battery is contained in the device, it is removed and inspected for abnormalities.

Our process to test Android devices, old cell phones or tablets is briefly outlined as follows:


  • We inspect the device for any water damage
  • Charge the device to ensure that the charging cycle is operational and to see if the device can still hold a charge
    • If the device does not power on within 1 business day of receiving it, we check the terminals, connectors and charging port for lint, dust, dirt, etc. We clean and remove anything found. If charging or the power on cycle still does not work, we qualify the device as DOA and mark it for recycling.
  • Connect to WiFi and proceed to set up
    • If the device is Samsung or Google locked, we check the LCD for any discoloration, image burn and/or white spots and mark the device accordingly
  • Make a test phone call checking the ear speaker, speakerphone, headphone jack and ability to connect to a call
  • Check all buttons (home, power, volume) and charging port
  • Test voice recognition on Google and any internal services
  • Ensure internet connectivity is operational
  • Check functionality of front and rear camera ensuring both ‘still image’ and ‘video recording’ features work
  • Inspect the frame of the phone or tablet
  • Verify LCD doesn’t have any discoloration, white spots, pink hue burn, image burn or digitizer black spots
  • Test touch screen functionality across multiple points of contact
  • Check glass/digitizer for any cracks, chips or separation

If any of these tests fail, the device is labeled accordingly. Once the testing process is done, another power cycle is completed and another wipe of all data is done on the phone or tablet. Ensuring that all data has been removed again, the ESN is then verified to be clean and not marked as a lost or stolen device. At that point, the device is powered off, labeled accordingly and is sent for re-purposing and recycling per EPA standards.




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