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Mobile sales apps are being adopted at an accelerating rate by a variety of industries. One of the early adopters of mobile was the medical device industry. This graph from Statista shows the adoption of tablet sales by industry as an example:



Overall the medical device industry is extremely innovative and experts are setting metrics and measuring ROI. At App Data Room we’re huge fans of data and analytics, so we set out to try and determine exactly what this industry has learned to justify their investment in mobile at such an incredible rate. We uncovered some interesting recurring themes:

1. Mobile apps foster collaboration between sales and marketing.
2. They make it easy to access pertinent information offline.
3. They allow you to track performance in the field.

Let’s take a closer look at these concepts and why they might be so important in the medical device industry.

Reason #1: Mobile apps foster collaboration between sales and marketing.

Large companies — especially those who work internationally — have a serious and common problem when it comes to communication between sales and marketing departments. With a mobile sales app, marketing teams can update information in real time, and make sure that sales only has access to the most current, correct and on-brand information available.

This is especially important to our App Data Room clients in the medical device industry. There are frequent innovations, product updates and other changes happening for several products at the same time. Luckily, with a mobile sales app, reps don’t have to spend time worrying about whether they’re using the right information — about products, or clinical – it is always current and available on the app.

Not only does this present a unified brand message across sales reps, regions and even continents, but it also removes the likelihood of mistakes being made in the field during sales calls. You can be sure that your customers and prospects are getting the right information every time. This helps ensure compliance on key documents to doctors. That peace of mind is something that our clients really enjoy.

Reason #2: Mobile sales apps make it easy to access pertinent information offline.

This is something we hear all the time. How many times has a sales rep gone into a hospital for a sales call only to realize that there isn’t any Wi-Fi in the meeting location? If they don’t already have the materials downloaded, or if they need to access anything online for their presentation, they’re out of luck. And since folks in the medical device industry spend their fair share of time in ‘no Wi-Fi zones’ it can get frustrating and financially detrimental to the business.

A great mobile sales app must provide access to all of the information you need, with or without connectivity. App Data Room stores all materials locally to the tablet so its available anytime you’ve got an audience. The app is also able to track analytics while their reps are offline. Then the next time the rep hits Wi-Fi, the app reports the data with no loss of information. The confidence your salespeople have when they walk into a room knowing they have everything they need, regardless of the wireless situation around them, really shows during the pitch and in the relationship with the client.

Reason #3: Mobile sales apps allow you to track performance in the field.

One thing our clients love about App Data Room is the analytics. Data about what materials salespeople are using, how often and with whom, automatically roll up to marketing people. This gives insight into what is valuable for the rep. It really is a way for sales and marketing to work together to improve sales. If the marketing team can track what works for specific markets, types of buyers, or even individual hospitals, they can make the necessary adjustments based on data that will help enable success for people in the field. For example through analytics you can see how your most successful reps are using the app, what materials they use most, and even what presentations they are emailing to their customers.

In fact, organizations that use our app now are craving even more analytics. They love the analytics we offer, but they want more information. Along with that, they’re asking for more integration with CRM platforms like Salesforce and with marketing automation platforms like Marketo and Eloqua. This kind of integration is on our radar because it can alert a sales rep when one of their clients is interested in looking at something else on the company website. Then, the app can pull info out of their marketing and lead nurturing platform about any new leads that a salesperson gets. Our customer, BI Worldwide, uses our app in this way and has seen some great results.

Then of course there’s the issue of compliance. In the medical device industry, and even the pharmacy industry, making sure that all sales reps are sending out compliant information hasn’t been something easily tracked in the past. But with a mobile sales app like App Data Room, the analytics can actually show when documents are used.

All types of industries can learn from Medical device companies.  Before you invest time and capital into a mobile app you have to ensure you will be able to measure its success and ROI. App Data Room’s robust analytics provides exceptional results for our clients — their businesses are able to become more successful by using real data, instead of hypotheses, to guide their sales and marketing decisions.




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