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Can you get money for your old Smartphone

When it’s time to upgrade your smartphone, there are a few things you can to with your old device. You can sell it online to another individual for some quick cash or possibly trade it in to your wireless carrier for some money off your new device. If your old phone is in decent condition, trade-in companies or carriers can sell it right back on their websites without much refurbishment and for an individual, this is often the best option. If your phone is older or has some wear and tear to it, trade-in companies and carriers are usually not as interested. Sometimes they’ll still buy it, but they’ll sell it on to companies who can make better use of phones in “fair” condition and they’ll offer you much less money.

For corporations and businesses, it’s usually not so easy. The amount of wear and tear in company phones usually exceeds that of the typical consumer. These businesses typically have an abundance of devices as well ranging from smartphones to tablets and iPads. To sit on eBay or other selling platforms waiting for those devices to sell, is not the most feasible option. Sometimes those companies need to adhere to the current Electronic Recycling restrictions as to not dump outdated electronics in landfills in the event that they want to just offload them. Fortunately, there are companies that specialize in purchasing outdated equipment from these businesses. They handle the recycling, refurbishing, re-purposing and collection process themselves; they tend to pay for the devices (working or otherwise) and offer more money than sending the devices back to the wireless providers.




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