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R2 Certification

R2 Certification is the gold standard for electronic recycling companies. BuyBack Solutions is entering into our Phase I audit of our final R2 certification process in just 2 days. Upon the expected successful completion of this, our Phase II and final audit process is scheduled to take place in late June 2018.


For several months, we have been working hard to ensure full compliance to the standards of R2 have been established and complied with on a daily basis. This has been an ongoing evolution of policies, procedures, techniques and methods in which we conduct our daily business. This has not only educated us on the aspects of all e-Steward standards and R2 standards, but we have integrated these processes to help streamline our daily operations in every facet.

What We Are Doing Internally

BuyBack Solutions is now running as efficiently and environmentally responsible as we ever have. Over the last 3 months, we have consistently drove down our electricity consumption as a company to further strengthen our environmental efforts in addition to our zero-landfill policy.


We always responsibly handle the mobile electronic devices we get from corporate cell phone recycling when you are looking to sell your iPhone, smartphone or older cell phone. As always, data security is one of our top priorities.




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