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Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is the ultimate platform for businesses that provide their employees with smartphones. It provides enhanced security by protecting the integrity of the entire device, from hardware to application. And while it provides a secure area where you can manage, maintain and protect enterprise intelligence, KNOX is much more than a container, it’s a platform.


Samsung KNOX hardened Android platform protects your infrastructure with this multilevel approach to security:

  • Trusted Boot—a procedure that prevents unauthorized operating systems and software from loading during startup.
  • TIMA—TrustZone-based Integrity Measurement Architecture provides continuous integrity monitoring of the Linux kernel.
  • SE for Android—provides an enhanced mechanism to enforce the separation of information based on confi dentiality and integrity requirements.
  • KNOX Workspace—provides a totally secure area in the device for business functions. Apps and data inside the container— for instance, email, calendars and contacts—are completely isolated from, and can’t be shared with, the rest of the device.

Samsung has hardened the current open-source Android platform and yet has kept it completely compatible with Android and the Google™ ecosystem. The KNOX multilayered security model and industry-leading device management capability will fi nd acceptance in business environments.

Increased Manageability

Samsung Knox is an ideal solution for both BYOD and corporate-owned devices because it increases your management capabilities without adding complexity. No separate server is needed, and KNOX easily integrates into your existing MDM and EAS infrastructures. And while KNOX protects the entire mobile device, you only have to focus on managing the KNOX enterprise workspace.

KNOX supports more than 400 IT policies and more than 800 MDM APIs, with more being added daily, meaning you can better manage employees’ devices. You’ll also be able to offer improved support by remotely confi guring features including Wi-Fi®, VPN and email.

Additionally, KNOX allows the lock screen to be secured by a smart card, providing an additional level of device security. Other KNOX secured enterprise features include SSO, theft recovery capabilities and an app store where you can designate apps approved for use on all managed devices.

Hassle-Free Implementation

Unlike other mobile security solutions, KNOX requires no costly infrastructure; a wide variety of Samsung Galaxy® devices are KNOX enabled right out of the box. Your business can’t afford to be caught in the past. The time to implement Samsung’s secure mobile technology is now. To get started today, visit www.samsung.com/us/KNOX.





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