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Should You Provide Corporate Cell Phones

Employee cell phones cost companies thousands of dollars each year for the devices and plans themselves. Due to this fact, many companies decide that the cost is too great for them to justify the investment. However, it should be known that it is in fact, an investment.

Much like the computers on employees’ desks, vehicles purchased to conduct business and various other investments, employee phones fall into that category. When an employee leaves a company, the employer retains the device and is able to reissue it to another employee as needed. Additionally, if your company owns the phone, you own the number as well. This is important as many times, customers have become accustomed to contacting your company through their point of contact directly; on their smartphone. This results in continuity for the customer from one employee to another. Having this ability allows the corporation to have access to all texts, emails and call logs so that an accurate picture of all correspondence with their clients is maintained and doesn’t leave with the employee.

Another advantage is, corporate policies may be implemented, mandating the platform in which employees will use to handle all data (i.e. Android, iOS, Windows). It also allows the company to ensure that the data is password protected and meets various business and regulatory data protection requirements.

Giving employees a cell phone allows a company to reduce costs and potentially obtain a financial return on their investment at the device’s end of life. Business plans are usually lower than personal plans, so if a company already reimburses its employees’ personal cell phone costs, providing a company phone may actually reduce its cell phone expense. When it comes time to upgrade all of those devices, there are third party companies that will often pay above fair market value for the outdated device and recycle the electronics to the current EPA standards. Often times, these third party Corporate Cell Phone Recycling Companies pay a much higher price for your used devices than the carrier themselves. This puts more money back into your company’s account and enables your upgrade to the latest hardware, much more cost effective.




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