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Used Cell Phones

Supplying new tech to employees is expensive but are used cell phones the answer? In some companies, it’s a real barrier to growth. In fact, the cost of constantly updating and repairing tech has led some companies to encourage people to use their own devices at work.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) definitely has its benefits, but some businesses are understandably a bit twitchy about allowing their employees to use unknown devices at work. Aside from the fact that they could take sensitive documents away from the office, there’s also the very real risk of hacking and malware that untrusted WiFi networks present.

One thing’s for sure: you don’t want an unknown, uncontrolled phone picking up malware while an employee’s out on holiday, because that malware could make its way back on to your corporate network.

So what’s the answer? You don’t really want to shell out for phones, but your employees need to communicate without bringing your network to its knees.

Used Cell Phones at Work: Is it Practical?

For many years, used cell phones had a certain stigma attached. Businesses would rarely buy them.

For office use, having the latest device used to be important when mobile operating systems and mobile devices were constantly changing. If you weren’t up to date, you were probably causing your IT department lots of headaches.

And there was a real risk that an old phone could have hidden faults that the average purchaser wouldn’t spot. For businesses, it just wasn’t worth the risk.

Fortunately, the market for used mobile phones has rapidly changed for the better in the last couple of years. For one thing, phones are changing less between releases, so having last year’s model – or even the one from the year prior – really doesn’t make much of a difference any more.

Additionally, re-sellers of used cell phones understand that they have a responsibility to provide high-quality, tested handsets. Consumers have access to phones that are protected by warranties, guarantees, and thorough testing, protecting them from the hassle and expense of buying a phone that may have issues.

This all means that used mobile phones are a sensible choice for small businesses that need to manage their cash flow. Your business still gets to distribute quality handsets to users, but it can economize on the cost of providing everyone with their own work device.



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