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Used Mobile Phones

If you already have a business, adding used mobile phones to your store is a great way to add a new revenue stream, particularly in the current retail environment as new mobile phones lose their allure.

Here are a few reasons to consider expanding your product range.


Upgrades are Less Popular

Figures show that, overall, we’re buying fewer new mobile phones than we used to.

There could be many reasons for this.

But there’s a big clue in the way modern smartphones look.

If you think back to the age of Nokia phones and 2G reception, the pace of change from then to now was rapid. But currently, most manufacturers have settled on a form factor that looks the same as the competition.

Crucially, new phones also tend to look very similar to the same model that came out the year before.

So there’s no longer a reason to upgrade just to get a bigger screen, or a slimmer case. Most new phones are just replicas of each other. That means used mobile phones are more appealing, and there’s much more reason to save money and stick with something from years gone by.

SIM-Only Contracts are Quickly Taking Over

Mobile phone networks are starting to realize that consumers don’t like long contracts. Some of us still do get a contract and phone together, but the SIM-only contract is gaining ground quickly.

SIM-only contracts allow people to separate the cost of their phone service from the cost of the handset they use. This is usually a cheaper way to use a smartphone. Additionally, it prevents networks from hiding the cost of a new phone in the service fee.

If you resell used mobile phones, you can tap into the growing market for SIM-only contracts by giving people a cheaper option when they need a new device.

Environmental Concerns are On Our Minds

The media regularly talk about the amount of waste in smartphone production. And it’s certainly true that we consume a huge amount of technology, all of which has an environmental impact.

There’s the pollution and energy needed to make a phone, and the waste created when it’s thrown away.

As consumers become increasingly cautious, and the media ramps up the pressure on manufacturers, the most environmentally-conscious buyers will inevitably gravitate towards used mobile phones over new ones. That gives you a great marketing opportunity, as well as a way to reduce your own business’ carbon footprint.

Consumers are Looking for Bargains

With a sluggish economy and rising personal debt, we’re likely to see consumers continue to keep their purse strings tight. Expensive purchases, like brand new phones, will probably slow during crunch times.

Many budget-conscious people are already choosing good-quality used smartphones over new ones. Often, there’s very little difference in the condition, but the price point is significantly lower.

That means there is profit to be made if you can appeal to people who are already money saving experts.



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