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VZW Business Account Managers

VZW Business Account Managers are typically responsible for working with Government agencies and large corporations within a region assigned to them. They are required to drive and achieve sales goals through the creation and execution of a strategic plan for the assigned region in conjunction with the Sales Manager. This includes prospecting in the specific region via specific vertical associations, trade shows, industry events and affiliates, prospecting and engaging current customers. A key component of this job is interfacing with Verizon sales offices within the assigned region and driving leads and opportunities via the Verizon sales teams. Relationship, presentation and account management skills are important factors with this position. They are charged with the task of achieving sales goals while successfully managing a growing account base with a significant focus on their customer’s needs.


Why You Should Choose a VZW Business Account Manager for Your Company’s Wireless Needs

When your company is looking to provide corporate cell phones to your employees, the best method of approach is to contact a VZW Business Account Manager as they are well equipped to assess your needs as a company and help you craft the best solutions for your wireless needs. These people are consummate professionals in their field and represent the largest wireless provider in the Nation.

VZW Business Account Managers are more than just cell phone services sellers. They are the difference needed for your company as opposed to just shopping around or going into a retail location and trying to figure it out on your own. They work with you from figuring out your needs, proposing adequate solutions and handling everything from ensuring you have the most efficient devices, finding the best plan, to working with you when it is time to upgrade your equipment. They genuinely care about your needs and want you to have an excellent experience with them. You are their customer.



Many times, Business Account Managers will refer your company to third party cell phone recycling and buyback companies like one of their trusted partners, BuyBack Solutions to handle the trade in portion of your upgrade process. They do this for many reasons, but mostly because it provides the best Return-On-Investment for your mobile assets. BuyBack Solutions will purchase your old equipment regardless of the condition or age of the devices; as well as iCloud and Google locked devices. This is done with the intent of recycling your old device per EPA standards with their zero-landfill policy. BuyBack Solutions even guarantees your data is safe with the Data Destruction Policy implemented within. Your Business Account Manager knows that the more money you can get back on your old devices, the more likely you are to see the value in your mobile assets. This is a mutually advantageous venture across all parties involved because not only are you receiving the best value for your devices, BuyBack Solutions pays you within days of receiving and testing your devices by either check or by directly applying the amount to your wireless bill immediately. This enables the upgrade process to be streamlined and faster all around.


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