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BuyBack Solutions Data Destruction Policy

This is the process and steps we take during our data deletion procedures. It is our
goal at BuyBack Solutions to provide our clients with the highest level of service and security
available. We are committed to educating our customers in regard to data security and
ensuring secure data destruction on every device.

The data erased from each phone includes, but is not limited to phone numbers, addresses,
email addresses, all contact information, text messages, pictures, video recordings, audio
recordings, login information, download files, etc.

BuyBack Solutions is compliant and adheres to DoD, HIPAA, NIST SP 800-88 security standards.
The processes involved include, but are not limited to manual hard resets, as well as more
automated software-driven systems that automatically clear the data in specific areas of the
phone. Depending on the manufacturer and the individual model, there may be a combination
approach using both manual and automatic processes.

If, for whatever reason, we are not able to access the data on any given phone, the phone will
be destroyed and recycled in accordance to EPA standards. Reasons the data may not be
accessible include but are not limited to, the cell phone will not power up or charge, the phone
is smashed or damaged beyond repair, individual lock codes were not provided by the client,
etc. BuyBack Solutions is committed to the prevention of pollution and has a zero-landfill
policy. All end of life devices will be destroyed and recycled with R2 and E-Stewards certified

BuyBack Solutions can provide documentation listing model numbers, ESN’s, and date and time
the services were provided for each individual phone. In addition, the data deletion is insured
for the protection of our clients through the software used for the data deletion. Certificates of
data destruction are provided with every shipment.

In addition, to the documentation provided for the data clearing/destruction of our client’s cell
phones, BuyBack Solutions provides a complete listing of the models tested, the quantities, and
condition whether it be fully functional or defective/damaged.


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