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Where E-Waste Goes



Where E-Waste Goes
Where E-Waste Goes: 
Disposed of, broken or out of date gadgets all go some place. As Jim Puckett of the Basel Action Network says, “Remember that when you throw something ‘away,’ it doesn’t just disappear. There’s no magical place or hidey-hole called ‘away’.” “Away” is a place that can be a neighborhood landfill, a town in China or a ghetto in Nigeria. In any case, it’s a place we should still think about.

  • In Your Closet or Garage
    Tons of old hardware, video games, stereos, PCs, and mobile phones are sitting at home in garages, storage rooms, and drawers. Numerous informed consumers know not to toss e-waste in the garbage but won’t take it to a recycler for fear it’ll be sent out to be resold and have their information compromised. That’s why it is important to find recylers that ensure data deletion, data security features and verification of such.
  • In The Garbage
    You need your broken hardware gone. That is what a garbage can is for, right? A garbage can isn’t a mystical portal to make your waste disappear. Think of it as the opening of the tunnel directly leading to a landfill or an incinerator. Either choice implies that non-biodegradable materials from your gadgets stand a decent shot of contaminating the earth by harming our water, soil, wildlife, and fellow people.

Tragically, the re-utilization value of electronic hardware lessens quickly. This is the main reason it is better to hand it over to an e-Stewards certified recycler so they can refurbish your gadget and possibly give you cash for it. An e-Stewards certified recycler can give the gadget another chance at life. This helps conserve on resources and energy overall.

E-Stewards Electronics Recyclers
Taking your gadgets to any e-waste recycler seems like a good idea. Tragically however, many electronics recyclers will take your devices and basically externalize what ought to be their costs for appropriate electronic recycling to the local environment.

Without the the e-Stewards accreditation, it is unlikely your e-waste will be recycled securely, ethically, and responsibly. It could wind up being dismantled by prisoners inadequately shielded from hazards, or stored in distribution centers just to be later destroyed. E-waste could likely go to organizations that don’t set aside the opportunity to totally expel your own secured information. More regrettable, it could go the course of what industry specialists think happens over half of the time on the off-chance that you take your electronics to any old hardware recyclers; your old devices could wind up in a town in China or a ghetto in Ghana, Nigeria, or India.




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